Pet photo shoots

Dr Lulittle aims to charge reasonable rates and also provides a high quality customer service.

I can quote the cost of a photoshoot to you. I just need your postcode details and how many animals you would like to have photos taken of.

I am from the Midlands and cover all areas of the West Midlands. I can also cover, London and Warwickshire.

The quote would consist of:

1 hour shoot on location of your choice or at Lucy's studio.

A CD full of images from the shoot (Low resolution)

A contact sheet listing all images(so you can circle which ones you like)

4 images of your choice blown up to 10x8 inches (approximately A4)

The only additional costs are:
Any additional prints.

Unlike most photographers, here at Dr LuLittle we do not mark up any print prices. A variety of different paper finishes are available.

Gift products: A photo shoot is a unique gift for someone but don't let it stop there! Have you thought about additional presents such as key rings, t-shirts or a modern wall hanging.

DrLulittle mugs now available