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Treat yourself to an animal mug or if you have a pet- make them the star of the show by purchasing a photoshoot.

DrLulittle mugs £ 8.00A great product for pet lovers with new designs added soon.
Gift voucher £ 50.00A DrLulittle gift voucher that you can use on any products or put towards a photoshoot
Photoshoot£ 100.00Buy a photoshoot with Dr Lulittle. You are paying for 1 hours worth of Dr Lulittle's time and will have edited images on a cd and will go away with an A4 print- ready for framing. Terms and conditions apply
Shilton Alfies Law mug£ 8.00£1 of this mug will go to the Alfie 's law charity.This campaigns for tougher sentencing in animal cruelty cases.
Items available for the UK only. If you do live abroad, please contact me and I will see if I can
dispatch to you.
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